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Plastic card with hologram in credit card format 85x55mm

The Urfeld-Balance Regeneration Plus card provides the contemporary answer to the two basic requirements:

  • Protection
  • Regeneration
  • Thus equipped we can courageously and confidently go our way through the coming transit phase.

The last two years have confronted many people with profound negative experiences, up to and including economic and existential threats. Social networks have been damaged, even to the point of splits in families. Freedoms are still restricted. Threats to our health are increasing: "pandemic", vaccinations and their consequences: Graphene oxide, spike proteins, shedding (transfer of harmful effects to unvaccinated people), nanoparticles, 5G, 6G, satellite radiation, psychological damage (despair, fear, insecurity, traumatisation, ... ).

It is igh time to focus on "the day after": we turn our gaze away from current catastrophes (Corona, forest fires, floods, environmental damage) towards a future worth living in, which everyone is able to create for themselves.

Regeneration and protection are the keywords

In order to regain confidence in a good development, first of all a comprehensive regeneration on all levels is necessary. Without this, a powerful basic trust is not possible. Parallel to this, a comprehensive protective wall must be built up, starting with environmental pollution (toxic pollution of soil, water and air), high frequency radiation, (especially 5G and 6G) up to the protection of one's own aura and energetic DNA and a discussed detachment of the soul from the physical body (Rudolf Steiner) as a result of C- vaccinations. Without appropriate countermeasures, there is a danger that we will be pushed down below the level of our humanity. The question: digitalisation or spiritualisation. What do I want for myself?

Development of consciousness

In the last newsletters we have focused on help through the Nature Harmony Station with the technology of Georges Lakhovsky (NHS-L). Through communication with the nature beings in the garden and in the woods we can regain and deepen inner peace. This can happen just through inner perception and without words.​The source field Only when we have regained a sense of peace within ourselves, with the divine,. of being in harmony with creation and trust in our spiritual guidance, can we think of using this transit phase for personal development. preferably in a network of like-minded people.

Definition of the source field

We have defined the source field according to David Wilcock as follows. https://urfeld- balance.de "The source field is the energy field that underlies all life, all matter and energy, all radiation, space, time and even consciousness." Through contact with the source field we can manifest lasting and sustainable solutions because the laws of creation will then support us. Keywords: meditation, prayer, contemplation. Burkhard Heim's twelve-dimensional unified field theory provides us with a subtle quantum-physical view for this. It is the basis for our work. (We have posted blog articles on this in our archive). Particular solutions remain on the surface, although they may become necessary at times.

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