About us: We are specialists in the expansion of constricting worldviews. So be careful!

Our customers

As mature, independent and self-responsible acting citizens, our customers want to get to know information, theories, devices, procedures, etc. that are outside of the commonly used and well-known information, etc. and, if necessary, gain independent and independent experience. They therefore consider the below-mentioned view of the so-called generally accepted scientific knowledge, especially of conventional medicine and school physics, to be very one-sided. Medical statements are not linked to our products and seminars. The use of the devices and the use of our products should not result in participants discontinuing, interrupting, postponing or omitting treatment by their physician or alternative practitioner.

In particular, no publication on our website or knowledge transfer at our seminars should be construed as effective, healing or alleviating promises. The seminar organizers and speakers can not assume any guarantee or responsibility for the theories, procedures, devices, publications, results and any errors or incorrect use. Possible subsequent liability of any kind, especially health, are therefore excluded. Each of our seminar participants is self-responsible.

Criticism from the school sciences and mainstream press

The information, theories, devices, procedures, etc., with which you are made known on our website, can not be effective according to the criteria of the school sciences, especially of school physics and medicine. According to the theories and standards of the so-called scientific physics and medicine, it is impossible that some of the devices, processes or substances offered in the shop, or about which will be informed at the seminars, any information collected, transmitted or stored in carrier materials can be. As well as other methods that are not or only partially recognized by the school sciences (eg Bach Flower Therapy, Acupuncture, Electro Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Radionics, Bio-Resonance Therapy, Aura-Soma Therapy, Mind Healing, HOT Oxygen Therapy, etc.). ), according to school science, such methods, devices and substances may at best have a placebo effect on the health and well-being of users and plants. Therefore, the so-called scientific disciplines warn against such devices, procedures, substances, etc. Effects on the environment can allegedly not occur. In general, they lack any real basis from the point of view of the "secure state of scientific research".

We ask for apology ...

Should some of the topics, theories, etc., turn out to be true and meaningful in personal life despite the above criticism by the school sciences or even through the use of equipment, procedures, etc. improve the personal health, or in Your garden will have positive effects, so we apologize politely. (A rogue is whoever laughs anyway!)