Nature Harmony Stations ....

Hello Wolfgang,

Our work is done - we’ve set up our NHS today !! Yippee !!
We are very pleased with the effect. We live close to a television and radio station and have noticed today how wonderful it is to neutralise / harmonise the station's radiation. We are much clearer in consciousness and everything around us is "soft" and of a finer vibration. The difference is really clear!
When the NHS was active for about 45 minutes, it tickled us in the aura and on the body. Something has changed. There is also such a liberating feeling there. Just lovely!!!!
We are very grateful to you that we came to the NHS through you and you supplied us with the material. The NHS is really a wonderful invention that helps many people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best regards
Silke and Alois, 1 May 2016

Hello Wolfgang,
Observations on the NHS:
I noticed that the sky is more clearly structured (outlines of the clouds) and thus less smeared. The blue sky is often visible and less grey blue. There are also more songbirds in the area and chirping their ditties compared to last spring. The ambient air feels more natural and clear to me. I have the feeling that everything in the area is provided with more life energy. This morning (7 o'clock) I watched two fresh chemtrails spreading, that crumbled to pieces over time.
Best regards
Herbert L., 28.03.2016

Hello Wolfgang,
.... Beautiful, it will be more and more! For me, there has not been a mega effect so far, but the weather is normal and feels good. It rained at night and is still cloudy. Guess that's fine too for nature, that spring awakening is slow. What I feel is a very harmonising effect. Yesterday I sat next to the NHS and meditated. It really feels like an ancient tree, calm, peaceful, harmonising .. Wonderful! Thanks a lot for this!
Johannes S., 30.03.2016

Dear Wolfgang,
It was one of those soul-wrenching grey, grey mornings when I built up your Nature Harmony Station in my backyard with a friend. While finishing, I explained to Hans what that funny thing would do, because he did not even know the word ‘orgone’. He could not believe something like that was his answer, he had to be able to see that.
A quarter of an hour later it was time. After pouring the boiled ash water into the pipe, he looked up at us, shook his head and said, "That's not possible!"
Within 2 minutes, a circular hole had formed in the grey cloud cover and was getting bigger by the minute.
In the coming hours, our property filled up with a number of different birds, so I am amazed myself.
However, the change in the sky over us since commissioning can only be described as phenomenal. The parallel cloud cover has given way to natural cloud formation (I have not experienced it for years) and airplane trails, of whatever kind, are chopped up within a short time and simply dissolve into nothingness.
There is only one word for your and your help for humanity: THANK YOU!
best regards
Dieter Sch., 11.04.2016

Hello Wolfgang,
Just wanted to share a few experiences.
Our NHS that we call "Ella" works diligently and tirelessly. Up to 24 days this year only grey in the sky. But our Ella always manages to make the last gap in the sky and also to create the first one, if there is no more spraying.
Here is a picture of just now, when a little bird took a closer look at what Ella is like. Because one thing I noticed. For about 14 days we have with us a bird drifting and cheerful chirping, as we have not had it for 1.5 years. In 2015, I almost thought birds were all extinct, but now they are numerous, every day, and happy all day chirping. Wonderful! ...
Greeting Timo S. from 30.05.2016

Hello Wolfgang,
A short interim report on the effect of the NHS in our garden. The same is in an area of the garden, which has "lost" itself since moving in three years ago. There is an INCREDIBLE growth throughout the garden. The closer to the NHS, the more so. And most there, where it was worst before.
Although I have supplied the whole garden with Terra preta, but these growth differences can not be traced back to it
Carla M from 30.05.2016

Hello Wolfgang,
I’ve attached a photo of one of our cats that you can use if you want to show the affinity of animals to the NHS. A dog of friends also loves to drink from it when they are visiting.
"Tekla", the spider, also thinks the energy is really great.

Greetings under chem. trail - free sun
Greeting Timo S. from 08.06.2016

Dear Mr. Kühl
My friend Ms. K. and I had ordered two (kits for) Nature Harmony Stations from you.
With great zeal we have assembled everything and set up in the garden last Saturday.
On Monday evening I came home from work and as always I went to my beloved garden.
What I saw was just fantastic.
The water of our pond has been since we built it six years ago, always a cloudy broth in which our fish were rarely seen. Chemistry was never an option for us.
The water has been clearer since Monday than ever before. We can watch the fish and it's wonderful to see such a change.
We are convinced that this has brought about our NHS.
We would like to sincerely thank you
A nice weekend and kind regards from Z.

Sylvia S. from 14.07.2016
We live in a courtyard situation with four adjoining families share the common gardens. For half a year, the NHS is now in the garden and we have wonderful experiences with the plants, animals, the weather. So far so good. ....
Now my husband made the proposal to a neighbour for a small common garden party AND all the neighbours have agreed.
The NHS is really a nature HARMONY station! When people are "better off," ie, the life energy circulates back into body and soul, ALL aspects of our lives, including social interaction, are improving.
C.M.G. 08/21/2016

Natures Harmony stations
Comments on the construction day on 13th August 2016
Italics: explanations by Wolfgang

Dear Wolfgang,
Thank you very much to you and your helper team. I can only confirm it - it was a wonderful, energetic and very light and harmonious day. After our construction of the NHS station we were really happy! We had a wonderful weather and were in a beautiful garden oasis. Everything was very consistent for me. Before our joint start of construction, I saw the participants in a circle full of light in the meditative attunement with Brigitte. After the NHS station was finished, we all lined up to the circle. I could see that the forming light CIRCLE was "grown" in SIZE and BRIGHTNESS.
A big thank you to the SPIRITUAL WORLD.
My (our) Nature Harmony Station got the name LIEVIA.
May the ALL-LOVE spread everywhere like a fire.
heart Greetings

Hello Wolfgang,
Short feedback: after establishment of the NHS. Immediately after installation measured the energy
with Bovis units.
Will measure again tomorrow and report
best regards
(Note: "Bovis units" are a measuring scale for life energy commonly used by dowsers, but subject to subjective influences and their use requires great experience. For statistical / methodological reasons, the determined values are not mentioned here. Within two days of setting up the NHS, the Bovis measurement made by G. increased 8-fold compared to the condition immediately after completion of the construction.)

Hello Wolfgang,
As promised here is the result of the 2nd measurement today 19:00 clock
It's almost scary when you look at the results.
Fabulous Bovis reading and a torus of 20 km upwards.
We are curious what else is coming.

Hello dear Wolfgang,
Thank you for the nice (and exhausting), informative day for the construction of the NHS.
After our return home in Stuttgart we carried the 2 NHS into the 17th floor (elevator) and put them both on the (not covered) balcony. We decided to drink another glass of wine and test the effect of the NHS on us. Strange, it was such a beautiful harmonic atmosphere (it was not the wine) the whole area changed somehow to the positive.
Suddenly a bat came to us, flew to the two NHS, flew away and a short time later the room (over the NHS) was full of bats performing a true dance. We were both deeply moved and satisfied; such an inner peace ... it was and is beautiful.
Let's see what else is coming.
W. & K.

Alanna Moore’s Power Towers - Some Feedback

Feedback about Power Towers and basalt dust has been very encouraging over the 25 years that Alanna Moore has been promoting such. In her film series ‘Earth Care, Earth Repair’, Part Six: 'Making Power Towers' - Alanna visits eight Tower owners around Australia who talk about their Towers and the effects they have noticed since they went up. From lusher orchards, increased wildlife, happier chickens, improved business, greater family harmony and more rainfall, to increased productivity in commercial strawberry, herb and wheat crops.
Following are some letters and articles written by other people on the subject.

Dear Alanna

One can say it is coincident that I had to remove many many barrow loads of weeds from the surrounds of the Tower; or that we had an incredible influx of birds; that things in our life suddenly gelled and started to happen; that money came in and not only went out; and that we are so full of wonderful creative energy. Well, it could just be absolutely a total coincidence! But you know better…
I made a mini-Power Tower and put it amongst my poor looking Broad Beans and BOOM!..

Also my clients for massage are getting more and more. I must be doing something right. Or can I put that one on the Towers too?

Keep up the good work,

Ray and Ellen Stanyer, Maldon, Victoria, Australia, 2002.

A letter to the New Zealand Dowsing Society Journal, March 2003.

To the Secretary “I went to Alanna Moore's 'Stone Age Farming' workshop at Marahau, just north of Motueka, on the 18th March and really enjoyed it. A lovely place with great people. The highlight of the workshop was building the Tower of Power. Andreas, one of the hosts, had obtained some very good quality paramagnetic rock dust from Germany.

Dowsing the site, checking the energy, building the Tower, then giving it our energy, then dowsing again, was amazing. I've never felt so much positive group energy and the effects on our pendulums confirmed the result.

Alanna was able to point out the deva in that area and that it was then stronger and closer to the Tower. I was able to pick up the deva's energy and (its) presences. This was a great experience and proved outright with an open mind and an open heart one can truly be with the positive power of nature."

Paul Mead, Nelson, New Zealand.

Hello Alanna, Thanks for the info... You mentioned a basalt quarry at Jugiong [in the 'Stone Age Farming' book]. There are actually 3 quarries at Jugiong, but only one, Bald Hill Quarry, has basalt. The man there was most helpful and amazed that they were mentioned in your book. I obtained a report [mineral analyses] and several bags of fine dust.

As I don't sleep very well I have put 5kgs in a box under my bed and have been sleeping very well since.

I have begun to experiment in the garden…

What an exciting new adventure!.. Ernie Summerfield, Griffith, NSW, Australia

Hi Alanna

I had you visit my place in Fryerstown to site a Power Tower for me a few months ago.

I'm very pleased to report that we have 3 times the amount of grapes that we have every had.... [since erecting the Power Tower].

Thanks so much for the help with the grapes.

Peter F,

Victoria, Australia, 24/11/2005

Hi Alanna Moore, Thank you for checking up on me, I did manage to work out how to find the correct location for the Towers. So far I have built one 3m tall ... from the information in your Stone Age Farming book.

The Tower seems to be working(?) There are some interesting things happening around it, I have noticed from a scientific point of view it seems to create a low pressure cell of air around the tower, and noticed when it rains it dumps more water around that area than other paddocks. Also it takes a lot longer to mow the grass now!

The trees do show signs of extra growth, which is really good for us: and grafting that we do to some of the trees now show an increased success rate to 98%, despite drought conditions.

I have found the Tower to be very powerful, if you work near it/ walk close by you can feel the energy emitting from it, others have also felt it as they get close by the Tower. Have also found too much exposure can really charge the body, and find it hard to sleep/ need to sleep?????

I would like to do more work in research in this field of expertise, I hope to come along to any workshops that you have in the near future, have many other people who would be interested too, If you give me notice I can advertise through various groups/ clubs and contacts like permaculture, organic, gardening, rarefruit societies if you like???

Before then I will purchase as many books as I can find on similar topics including the rest of your books! they have been a great inspiration to me & others, THANK YOU

BEN - A Jujube farmer in northern South Australia, November 2007.

Power Towering in Ireland by Mark O’Sullivan

Dublin, Ireland, October 2007. Extracted from his report.

The Workshop in County Leitrim

Alanna came to my friend Brian's 8 acres just outside Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim to give a workshop to 20 people on the first day - about 12 on the second, magical, day. We spent the first day learning dowsing techniques - for water lines, soil quality, remote scanning and map dowsing. We located the site for the Power Tower and raised it, having a ceremony afterwards to charge it with positive energy and intentions. We explored the site energetically, finding dragon lines, water lines, nature spirits and vortexes. The Tower creates sacred space and can be charged at the full moon with intentions, including working with the devas of the land or politely requesting slugs to leave. We dowsed for earth/snake energy and sky/light energy The energy was hoppin' !

On the second day we worked with nature spirits on the site - they particularly like these towers and enjoy being around them. One had attached itself to the top of the Tower and we were able to perceive it's shape and position. Then we went to a beautiful local park, on a peninsula jutting out into a scenic lake. We found a huge vortex located at an old ring fort and then worked with the trees, finding their chakras and using the pendulum to tune in and commune with them. We sang to a water spirit on the lake who moved in to the shore and stood on the water beside us. That was truly magical.

Four of us went back to Brian's land after the day for a cup of tea in the open, unfinished house and it was then I first noticed the "too nice to leave" effect of the Tower on the land. The whole place had a calm, blissful and energised atmosphere and we had many laughs. Four rounds of tea later and we still hadn't left.

My own mini Tower is placed at the intersection of two water lines. There's a crystal in it charged with my own Brigid essence and Silica 6x, which promotes plant growth. The energy is unmistakable. There were bats flying around the back yard two days later, the first time in 3 years here that I've ever seen them here in Dublin city centre. The nature spirits are present and happy. There have been more visitors to the house and they stay longer, taking their ease. The "too nice to leave" feeling is sensed by any of the energy workers who visit.


Although it's too early to tell if there has been an effect on plant growth, anecdotal evidence from Alanna's towers in Australia suggest that increased growth and fertility results after a Tower raising.

The host of her workshop at a guesthouse in Co. Meath last year reports that the trees planted after the Tower was put in place have surpassed the growth of the trees planted beforehand. He says he's never done cutting the grass around his Tower before it springs back up again.

The energies from the Tower seem to resonate with the tan tien - or hara centre and have a quality similar in nature to the Tai 'Chi or Qui Gong energies - flowing, strong, deep, undulating. You can sometimes see the "heat shimmer" of energy radiating from the tower. It feels like positive yang energy charging the yin of the land. It makes the name “Earth acupuncture" for this practice more apt.

The Towers also create sacred space. A focal point on the land to gather during the full moon to charge the Tower with healing energies and positive intentions in cooperation with the spirit of the land. They could form the centre of a medicinal herb spiral, for example, or the centre of a ceremonial space of some kind. Nature spirits love them, as do animals. I've noticed a mischievous, boisterous energy accompanying the placing of my Tower. That's bound to be the fairies!

I'm very enthused about the potential for these Towers to act as transmitters for vibrational medicine - homeopathic remedies or essences - infusing the land and the people on it with health-enhancing signatures. You could potentially treat sick land this way or use biodynamic preparations to increase fertility. Bringing together the two practices in this way has huge potential.

Tower-rific News!!

Dear Geomantica We have erected two new towers with amazing results! The first at the calf shed and second in the weaner paddock [the Evans business is raising weaner calves] resulted in several facts emerging. 1. Health - we have not observed any scours in the calves since erection and they also have improved appetites. 2. Behaviour - immediately the calves became calmer and more placid 3. Less smell and flies.

At another site for calves weaned from their mothers, normal reaction to weaning is extreme noise and nervousness, but after 12 hours these calves had calmed to the extent that they stood around me without fear!

Yours, Arnold Evans, Kyabram, Victoria, Australia.

The Impact of Towers of Power on an Australian dairy farm By Joan Evans, Victoria.

Extracted from Joan’s report.

Changes observed after installation of Power Towers

(a) On people

The farmer’s wife reported that the whole family seemed to be calmer and the general running of the farm and home was flowing more smoothly. Both neighbours and employee, although sceptical of Power Towers, have commented positively on the changes they have observed and felt. Some neighbours have requested information /explanation on the installation of the Power Tower as a result of what they observe on this farm.

The intent for spiders and insects of any description to be eliminated from the house was programmed into crystals strategically placed around the house in positions indicated by dowsing. This has resulted in a dramatic reduction in their presence.

b) On animals

Generally, there’s a lighter happier feeling, and in the milking and calving shed the farm assistant commented that calves are "easier to handle this year”. Also, the calving process became extraordinarily easy.

The calf survival rate improved about three fold in first calving season, with healthier calves, cows coming into and lining up for milking shed much more calmly, and calves accepting the teat / bottle more readily.

(c) On plants

Difficult to assess changes on the grass in a time of severe drought, but an employee commented that more frequent slashing seemed to be required this year. There is insufficient evidence to come to meaningful conclusions on the basis of just one a-typical season.

(d) On EMR

It was not until the Towers had been in place for some weeks that it was decided to check the boundaries of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) near the shed. It was with considerable delight that it was found to have shrunk considerably, even though this had not been included in the stated intent.

Farmer's final comment:

"I wouldn't want to farm without the Power Towers" - this in spite of the fact that he still cannot completely accept the process.

"Yes, things have changed," he agrees with enquiring neighbours (who observe the changes in their farm), "but I don't understand. Ask my wife!"

Dear Alanna, ...As for the Power Tower results -well, we have placed one in the veggie garden and a small one in the glass house to see what would happen. We were just amazed.

When I placed the one in the glasshouse the tomatoes were really on their last legs and had finished flowering and I had picked the last of the fruit. Within 2 weeks of it being placed in there the tomato plants turned a rich green and started to flower profusely and continued to fruit right into June, July which is quite a feat being in a frosty part of Tasmania. The flavour of the fruit was so sweet as well being so different to the fruit picked before the PT was placed in the glass house. Several of the tomato plants closest to the small Tower went on to fruit the next year with just as much vigour as the new plants only they were much taller being 2 years old.

The Veggie Garden experienced great change as well and the plants seemed to become more robust and healthy and had incredible flavour. We had a bumper crop of Raspberries even with the batch of first year canes. Because the veggie garden is contained within a wire fence to keep the Possums out, so we are going to erect another on the garden proper. Hope you are having a great time in Ireland. Kind regards,

Bryon B. Tasmania, Australia., 2010.