WLAN / DECT Module

179.00 €
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A WLAN / WiFi / DECT / Smart Meter – module made of acrylic glass, with a logo inlay in silver or in colour with natural diamonds; the module has a size of approx. 9 x 15 cm.

Used as a WLAN module:

The WLAN / WiFi module with real natural diamonds is placed under the router. For this purpose, four small silicone feet are provided for the safe standing of the module. The module can also be placed vertically behind or in front of the router. For the transmission of our harmonization information we are using the subtle, non-physical radiation field of the router. The physical gross radiation field and thus the technical function of the router, of course, remains unchanged.
Note: We recommend minimizing the transmission power of the router (ask your provider) and disconnecting the router from the power supply at night. In our opinion, maximum undisturbed sleep is more important than the 24-hour accessibility.

Used as a DECT-phone module:

Identical to the installation of the WLAN module: place the module upright or horizontally under or close to the base station; the coupled scalar field of the radiation of the base station is used as a field medium for transporting our optimised bio-information. Tip: We advise you to use DECT- devices that are only active for incoming or outgoing calls. Base stations that send 24 hours a day should be replaced. Please read our blog post on the issue for more information

Used as a Smart Meter module: The module should be installed inside the counter box or at least in close proximity to the Smart Meter (radio meter). Was the radio meter installed in your apartment or your basement? Are there multiple Smart Meters in the house you’re living in? Don’t hesitate to contact our service at normal business hours if you need any advice: +49(0)7225 989 3544