Urfeld Premiumzeolite Rockflour with Bio-Energy and -information

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1,000 times proven and approved mineral / rock flour mixture charged by a special process with high-quality bio-energy and bio-information

In keywords

  • Suitable for acidic or alcaline soils
  • Soil additive for compost, pond, soil
  • from very finely ground stone powders based on zeolite
  • Grain size 0 - 0.05 mm (<50 μm)
  • loosely crystallized volcanic sedimentary rock with at least 85-95% proportion of clinoptilolite crystals
  • extremely large negatively charged surface, much like clay, healing earth or biochar.
  • Can absorb large quantities of nutrients and water and also toxins such. Reliable binding of heavy metals, ammonium or mold toxins (mycotoxins)
  • Improvement of soil fertility and water retention
  • Provides vital minerals and trace elements
  • Better nutrient utilization, introduction of natural minerals and trace elements, avoidance of over-fertilization
  • Better water regulation / drainage, supporting the construction of a root system