Room- / Workplace Module up to 30 sqm

359.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery


Pyramid, covers up to 30 sqm of space

A glass pyramid with Urfeld-Balance-diamond technology, natural diamonds and a glass crystal, that creates fascinating, prismatic optical effects, when it is touched by light. The pyramid has a size of approx. 10 x 10 x 6 cm and is shipped with a LED light module, (For optical purpose only. No functional necessity) power supply included.

The pyramid’s functions are identical to those of the spherical modules for your apartment or house. You can use it for ...

  • ... your workplace at home of up to 30 sqm
  • ... a similar workplace in an office or for a meeting room
  • ... a workplace in the professional fields of therapy, wellness or cosmetics
  • ... travelling or for hotel rooms on vacation

The sides of the pyramid should be aligned parallel to the directions north/south, east/ west.