Nature Harmony Station "L" construction completed - ready for use

395.00 €
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Nature Harmony Station "L", ready to install and including chip for the location-independent, optimal function.

All you need is quick cement for a stable construction - more details in the attached assembly instructions.

A further development of the NHS is in the NHS-L, which uses a technology associated with in the name of Georges Lakhovsy (1870 - 1942), a contemporary of Nicola Tesla, with whom he was friendly.

Lakhovsky became known worldwide for his research and inventions on wireless communication between cells using radio frequency and the invention of devices capable of curing cancers and other serious illnesses. Lakhovsky fled from the Nazis to the United States in 1941 and repeated his spectacular healing successes there. He died in 1942 as a result of a traffic accident.

His son Serge Lakhovsky is still committed to his father's work today. Some alternative medical concepts still refer to Lakhovsky and there are manufacturers who continue to offer replicas of Lakhovsky's MWO equipment.

So-called Lakhovsky coils or -Schwingkreise or antennas are still used today with great success in horticulture to increase the vitality of crops, classified in the field of electro-culture.

We use a special form of the Lakhovsky antenna developed by us in three-dimensional form, without electrical power supply, without a medical application. Our antenna works with the energies available in the natural, subtle field of the earth. The NHS-L is more effective than the NHS, easier to build and more weather resistant.