Mobile Phone Chip

69.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery


The Urfeld-Balance diamond chip for mobile phones can be attached to modern smartphones. It doesn’t compromise the functionality of the smartphone in any way and has no effect on the sending or receiving of data. It harmonises the finer vibrational aspects of your bio-energy field, at a deep causal level.

Please be advised that the mobile phone industry doesn’t recognise any non-thermal effects of radiation (all effects on the fine and common material level that produce other symptoms than local heating). Since the development of mobile technology continually increases the power and scope of radiation and therefore drastically increases the radiation exposure, our chip is already equipped to deal with the upcoming technological advances (e.g. 5G technology).

The chip can be attached to the backside of your phone or in the inside of your protective case. It can be removed easily, safely and without a trace to be re-used on a new phone or cover. If , after a few changes, the original glue doesn’t stick anymore, you can use your own double-sided tape.