House Module


The House Module is made out of a solid, handmade glass sphere with bubbles of air artfully trapped inside and natural diamonds on acrylic activation discs with stainless steel feet.

The glass spheres are hand-crafted in the most renowned glass studios of Central Europe. The sphere can be illuminated spectacularly with the included LED lighting, either with white light or changing colors. The glass sphere has a diameter of approximately 15 cm*; the round activation discs have a diameter of 25 cm and a thickness of 8 mm. The spherical volume affected by the module for a specific house size (in sqm, up to three floors) is determined by the number of activation discs.

You can choose modules for these sizes:

  • ... up to 140 sqm (standard) – two activation discs (see picture)
  • ... up to 220 sqm – three activation discsWe offer partial payment for this product.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee a precise diameter size as traditionally crafted glass spheres vary slightly in size.