ES/EHS-Chip - Set, 4 pcs.

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A set of four special chips to help with Electro-Sensitivity and Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity. Made of high-quality, nearly inert, special silicone, which is extremely durable and doesn’t irritate mucous membrane or the skin. Easy to clean and disinfect – temperature resistant up to 230 °C for short amounts of time.

People (as well as animals and plants) react differently to the increasing stresses caused by different fields and technological sources of radiation, both on the level of physical and quantum physical, including to our understanding subtle bio-energetic levels of existence, sometimes called scalar fields. (These finer qualities of radiation and the Urfeld concept in general is disputed by mainstream physics and medical science). The IFUR institute has discovered hundreds of ways to access the Urfeld and how to make them useful for specific products. Four of those products are contained in this set. It is designed to help people afflicted with Electro-Sensitivity, Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity or Hyper-Sensitivity in general. These people generally have a heightened and self-reflective sense of their bodily sensations, that’s why we will not give information on the effects of the products and only give advice on their application. Don’t use the chips following a strict routine but try to experiment with them in a playful way. Work with different chips for a couple of days each, or maybe with two or three chips at the same time. Most importantly, be aware of your bodily sensations. This way you can find the right chip or chip combination for the best possible sense of well-being. Test single chips specifically in high-radiation environments or at certain times, both during the day or at night. After some time of experimentation, you should notice which bodily sensations the Urfeld-Balance-diamond products create for you and reflect on how you can integrate these in your social life. Maybe you’ll want to combine your chip or chip combination with another Urfeld-Balance-diamond prouduct?

Please note: The chips of this set cannot replace Urfeld-Balance diamond products.