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Let us look at "dimensions" and our integration into an 8-dimensional world, which we are not even aware of. Nevertheless, this integration is vital. It forms our "living matrix". But one remark beforehand: For 23 years, the IFUR Institute has been dealing with problem solutions, primarily in the field of environmental pollution of ALL kinds: pollutants from the air, water and food. Radiation pollution of all kinds: from household electricity to 5G and 6G. Disease-causing earth radiation: geopathy - we went and go into the causes. A small overview is given on the first page of the IFUR Institute's website https://ifurinstitut.wordpress.com and the "biography" of the IFUR Institute at https://urfeld-balance.de .

The deeper the investigation of the causes, the more comprehensive and sustainable the solution. That is why we are now talking about "dimensions", the deeper level of causes. Most people associate the term "dimensions" with something like "the earth's ascent into the fifth dimension". We grasp this term more sharply with a subtly expanded world view.

See the book by Klaus Volkamer https://www.nature-in-harmony.com/p/klaus-volkamer-die- feinstoffliche-erweiterung-unseres-weltbildes

Note: read the texts between the mathematical passages. A short summary of our 8-dimensional world: We experientially live in a three-dimensional world (length, width, height), to which time is added as the fourth dimension. Altogether called R4. What we cannot experience is our subtle body anteii and its energies: chi, prana, life force, etheric body, .... These are two subtle structural dimensions. Called S2. R4 and S2 describe the 6-dimensional material existence of every living being, including animals and trees. Called R6. Then comes a big gap. After that it continues non-materially - not even fine-materially - but purely informationally with another two dimensions. Called I2. This inflow of controlling information from the I2 into the R6 is necessary for survival for all living beings, not only for humans. This overall structure (R6 and I2) forms the 8-dimensional living matrix, which is interconnected by interaction channels. Above this there are four more divine dimensions, but these are not to be considered here. Called G4.

Now let's get down to business: Since the Second World War, these channels of interaction have been "clogged" to an increasing degree.... Environmental toxins, side effects of allopathic medicines, mental poisoning, traumatisation, social isolation, fears of all kinds, disintegration of natural family structures, gross and subtle harmful effects of high frequency, especially 5G and 6G. Existential fears. An exponential increase was brought about by vaccinations, especially in the last 2 years. "Fear eats up the soul!" was a headline in the magazines a few years ago. The body reacted with a general reduction in the ability to conceive for these stresses. Outer demarcation, inner hardening. Unfortunately, this had the consequence that the ability to conceive for controlling and harmonising impulses from the I2 - beyond the "clogging" by environmental toxins, etc. - was also further reduced.​This downward spiral is currently accelerating more and more, the consequences are becoming more and more obvious, individually and socially. We are most affected here in Europe, the USA and in other countries with a "Western" alienated and materialistic lifestyle. Developing countries and indigenous peoples are holding up better. With them, procedures are known that at least partially remove the "blockages" in the interaction channels. Sounds and colours and shapes heal.

This was also known in the European Middle Ages: the shapes of cathedrals and cathedrals, the colours and shapes of church windows, certain organ pieces, chorales. purifying and uplifting impulses from this area of life became less and less.The concert pitch A was set worldwide at 440 Hz with its subliminal aggression. Music with the harmonising concert pitch 432 Hz disappeared (temporarily) into oblivion.

Today, some of it can still be found in Russian four-part choral singing or iconography, or again in a modern musical culture based on 432 Hz. The healing knowledge of the indigenous peoples is much richer here. Low tone chants of Tibetan monks, musical instruments in the low tone or infrasonic range, colour combinations of symbolic images (Yantras), ... Human hearing range : approx. 20 - 20,000 Hz, visible colours: approx. 399 - 754 THz, corresponds to approx. 751 - 398 nm) By doubling (octavation) the frequencies, colours can be transposed from the lower hearing range or below into the audible range. Ultimately, exactly twelve frequencies have been used in all cultures around the world over the past 1000s of years to maintain or repair the flow of information from the I2 into the R6. It can be assumed that in the past, spiritually higher developed ages of human existence, the information influx was 100 times more extensive in quantity and quality than in the present "dark" age (Kali-Yuga). Here, only brief reference should be made to the Yuga cycles of primal Indian culture (Sat-Yuga, Treta-Yuga, Dvapara-Vuga, Kali-Yuga) with descending purity of human consciousness, joy of life, health and God-connectedness. Comparatively, this corresponds to the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron (Dark) Ages of European cultural history. Accordingly, humanity is on the verge of the "Great Leap" from the depths of the Dark Age into the Golden Age. A foretaste can now be had by awakened people (there are always forerunners). Specifically: certain sounds and colours have been and can be used again to show human consciousness the "way up". These frequencies were now discovered for the "civilised" world during the Cold War - first in the Eastern Bloc - localised in the so-called "Adey-windows" and further researched in ethno-biological, cross-cultural studies and brought to therapeutic application. (Dr. W. Ross Adey was an Australian neuro-scientist, 1922 - 2004). Our situation or theirs? Ability to concentrate? Forgetfulness? Word-finding disorders? Can you realise your plans? Realise your visions? Can you read longer texts like this one? Or books? Can you absorb information only through pictures, cartoons or YouTube videos? Where is the inner joy of living out of yourself? Does "joie de vivre" come from material consumer goods? Does your life have ​meaning for you? Do you understand what is going on in this world? What about social contacts? Do you have influence to change recognised grievances? Do you have energy for it? What about salutogenesis, which describes the development of health? This is the counterpart to pathogenesis, which describes the development of illness. Why is the card called "Dimension Bridge"? Now we have reached our goal! - Short answer after a long text: It builds a bridge between the dimensions, makes the gap between the dimensions (I2 -> R6) passable again, so that healing, life-promoting individually optimised steering impulses can become effective in your life again. The "dimensional bridge" makes these 12 frequencies, colour, sounds available in analogue, not digitalised form as information packages, which the body can retrieve in a naturally controlled way. By dissolving inner energetic and informational blockages through light colours and sounds, a path to individual self-knowledge and spiritual maturation is now open again, which each individual can only realise within themselves. Joy of life, clear thinking, deep feeling, visionary life, confidence and trust, new horizons and world views move into the realm of possibility. Will you cross the bridge? I wish it to you! I am waiting for you! Wolfgang Kühl Bridge Builder Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)