5G Card

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Plastic card in cheque card format 85x55mm.

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You have recognized the dangers of 5G frequencies (5G = 5th generation of mobile radio technology) and are looking for a remedy. Here are some hints about the performance of our 5G card. Each mobile phone radiation has two components, as any HF or NF radiation

A technically used part, which is to be measured with the usual measuring instruments of school physics. This radiation portion leads to changes in physical parameters which are to be measured with devices and procedures of orthodox medicine and are classified as questionable by many critical voices, especially from the field of complementary medicine.

A part that is not technically used, widely unknown, which severely affects the control systems of the human organism and is diagnosed in hundreds of naturopathic practices – Measurable damage also occurs.

Our 5G card belongs to the subtle protection products against 5G radiation. It harmonises the subtle part of the harmful effects on humans and animals - including the subtle harmful effects of 60 GHz radiation as described in the first blog post of the IFUR Institute from March 2020. The technology used is a further development of the technology previously used in UBD products, e.g. in our mobile phone stickers. The effect of this technology has been proven by the IFUR Institute in a randomised double-blind study.

You can also read the article on this topic at IFUR-Institut

Handling the 5G card

The 5G card should be worn as close to the body as possible 24 hours a day. The effective radius is about 1m. Therefore, the map can also be carried in a briefcase or handbag. At night it should be placed under the pillow or on the bedside cabinet.

Like all UBD products, the 5G card harmonises the subtle harmful effects of electro smog, but has an extended range of functions compared to previous UBD products.


All Urfeld-Balance diamond UBD products, which will be delivered after December 1, 2019, have, like the 5G card, an extended functional range.