Bringing Harmony
back to Nature

by Alanna Moore

We are very pleased to announce a new website for helping to bring back harmony to nature. The German based site, bilingual in English and German, will be selling Nature Harmoniser Stations, Power Towers and the like, including Geomantica products.

What is a Power Tower?

Also known as a Paramagnetic Antenna, a Power Tower is an installation in the landscape, usually in a garden or farm, that harvests magnetism from the sun and channels it down into the ground, for the benefit of soil microorganisms. This then stimulates plant growth and boosts crop production. The stimulating environment enlivens people and animals. This was the message bought to Australia from America in 1993 by Professor Callahan (now deceased). Callahan based the Power Tower concept on his observation of Ireland’s ancient Round Towers. However he was not a dowser or geomancer, such as the author. I took up the concept and have since made hundreds of Towers across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Wales and now Germany; in backyards, public places and on farms. My 25 years of making Power Towers and observing results has seen many other wonderful effects too!

ENERGISING - If your plants are struggling to grow, if there is stagnant ch’i energy (bad feng shui), geopathic stress or animal ill-health etc, the Power Tower might be just the thing to turn it all around. This ‘experimental technology’, when correctly placed and maintained, can be a great stimulus for growth of all kinds. Many farmers have reported an increase in their crops, which may be healthier and more nutritious or tasty as well.

In the ancient art of Chinese feng shui, it is said that a good environment will have 3 parts yang ch’i / energy to 2 parts yin. The Power Tower can generate a vibrant field of yang energy. Sometimes this needs to be balanced with certain crystals placed inside, for helping with the yin/yang balance.

HARMONISING - When we make these Towers we put a big focus on imparting good thoughts and feelings into the ‘raw’ energy field emanating from it. The field then spreads out in all directions (except where impeded by metal fences and structures) and disseminates those thought forms and feelings. Places where there is disharmony can greatly benefit from this effect. The atmosphere can be improved for all to enjoy.

SENSITISING - With a Power Tower it is possible to greatly increase one’s sensitivity to subtle energies. Especially at the time of the full moon, energy may be felt pulsing out from the Tower into the palms of one’s hands. Many times at the making of a Power Tower, students have reported seeing a fuzzy energy field around the Tower. Often it is the first time that people have ever seen any energy!

If you are able to dowse, the Power Tower can be an exciting place to practise energy dowsing! And dowsing is an invaluable tool for locating the best place to put the Power Tower. While a random location can work out fine, there’s always a small chance that the Tower could be placed on a ‘bad’ energy spot and not generate good energy. One’s natural sensitivities may be sufficient when making or placing a Power Tower. But dowsing will give a more precise result. However, it’s easy enough to try it in another location, if this happens.