Our seminar offer is growing. And on schedule, we start with the most important thing: the construction of NHS-L and PowerTower!

Current seminar topics:

  • Workshop on the construction of NHS-L and PowerTower - theory, building instructions, implementation. Everyone takes "his" NHS-L and PowerTower home and knows how to build more independently.
  • Communication - with whom? With the essential energies that determine growth and health in the garden, on the field and the landscape. You will learn about and apply elements from the radiesthesia, geomancy and sensitive permaculture design of Alanna Moore
  • Nature and signatures of herbs - especially of garden herbs and medicinal plants. Spagyric preparations and their application. Spagyric medicine is the bridge between herbal medicine and classical homeopathy.
  • Goals and visions - The inner view of the upcoming turn of the year 2018/19. Letting go and / or rebooting, planting the target implementation and achievement, spagyric development workers

Seminars & Workshops