PowerTower (PT) as we know them, go back to the scientist Prof. Philip Callahan. However, a prototype of the PowerTower can be seen in the so-called Irish round towers (see above), which, like PowerTower, have a harmonizing influence on the surrounding landscape, animals, plants, people and the weather.

The simple design of the PowerTower using energized basalt flour is a highly effective way for every dedicated garden and nature lover to provide bio-energetic and bio-informational health and good yields in his garden. For the area of ​​permaculture and the sensitive permaculture design according to Alanna Moore they are an ideal complement.

In the shop we offer the original PowerTower, as used by Alanna Moore by the hundreds in the last 20 years in many countries on all continents. Furthermore, you will find a design version that is not only a feast for the eyes in any garden, but also larger in size and more effective. The most powerful effect is provided by our PowerTower Booster - only suitable for agricultural land . Take care for a minimum distance to houses of more than 40 meters!

And the most important thing: with a special chip you can place your PowerTower anywhere
- the location no longer needs to be explored by rodding as it was previously.

Alanna Moore gave us an introduction to the PowerTower here ...