Nature Harmony Stations (NHS) have been widely used since 2016 in almost 20 countries, with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The name is program: Harmonizing influences for animals, plants, people, gardens, landscapes and the weather.

The previous NHS - please do not confuse it with other devices - used a technology that goes back to Wilhelm Reich, a German scientist (1897-1957): The accumulation, generation and distribution of ORGON energy.

Since 2018 there is a further development - the new "NHS-L". It is based on the scientific work and technology of Georges Lakhovsy (1870 - 1942) and offers a significant performance improvement. On our site you will find the NHS-L both ready to go and as a kit, which can be assembled much easier than before with a little skill itself.

Note: All equipment we offer is based on an expanded understanding of reality that was commonplace among ancient cultures worldwide. The mentioned energies were very often directly perceived by the people of the time. - Today's "secured knowledge" of school physics and conventional medicine rejects such knowledge on the basis of a dogmatically defended world view, which still closes the findings of modern quantum physics

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